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Victoria's I've Got A Blue Secret Bulldogs.

We offer Bulldogs and More .... and that extra special something added is ? We Care.
Located In Sunny California, Puppys available Now" We are a family who simply enjoy Loving Bulldogs. We created the original Victoria's Blue Secret Bulldogs over 30 years ago. And have provided beuatiful healthy bulldog PUPPYS to families all across the country. Victoria's Blue English Bulldog puppys and Victoria's Blue Olde English Bulldog Puppys are hand raised, loved by our dearest of Friends, Neighbors and anyone who have the fortune to own or meet one of these AWESOME baby bullies. We have even more AWESOME Bulldog Studs, Dams and Grand Parents. Absolutely adored by families who have purchased these little Victoria's Secret babies for the below reasons:
Birthday gift, Anniversary gift, Valenitnes day,Christmas,Hanika, Special Occassions,Weddings, The passing of a beloved family member (Pet) etc. Our Bulldogs are definately something to brag about it. 
If your looking for A Rare Bulldog Puppy, A Healthy Bulldog Puppy, A Unique Bulldog Puppy, A  Special Buldog Puppy, A Bulldog Puppy That Lives longer then the traditional English Bulldog, An Awesome Bulldog Puppy, Thats perfect for your new family ? 

                                                               Look No Further 


to your new home very happy and very healthy. Cuddly cute and lots of energy these little guys and gals are one of a kind, Ready to warm even the hardest of hearts. Don't buy flowers, chocolates, or edibles "Bring one of these little Darlings Home from Victorias Blue Secret Bulldogs".

We produce quality Blue Old English Bulldog Puppys that carry the highest dilute black known as the blue gene out there 




We are the best in the business.
What seperates us from all the rest is simple, We care.
All of our Bulldogs have a guarantee oxygen sat level of
88% - 98% For OEBD.
and 67% - 70% For EB.
Because Victoria's Blue Secret Bulldogs breed for Health and Beauty Our Bulldogs have lived
full lives with the families who have adopted them. Our families have reported  17 years to be specific. But the same cannot be said and documented about other Bulldogs bred for looks.
Here are some shocking facts

We refuse to photo inhance because our Bulldogs are naturally photogentic.

Puppies Available Now !!!
We offer:
Pet Medial
Pet Life
Ground Shipping
Health Gurantee
Generational Bulldogs
Personal Airline Pick Up
Puppy Kitz
Next Day Reg Services
Micro Chiping
Nueter / Spaying services
International Services
Free Crate - Special Offer apply


24 Hour return call service
Name assignment assistance.
Rare Bulldog puppies
Victoria's Blue Secret little treasures..... bring one home today!

Creating Rare Bulldogs Since 1989.

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