Kenneling Application

Kenneling Application Part#1

You are strongly advised to fill in as much information as possible any missing information

Can and will result in your pet being transported to either animal control, spayed / neutered an

Placed in a pet home or even being euthanized, all of which will be at the expense of the owner,

We do not give any additional warnings here after.

If you are the Owner or the purchaser of the below pet please fill out the form below if not

Do not complete this form: (We will not house any animal if you are not the owner / purchaser)

We will not house any sick or contagious pet all sick animals will be immediately removed and placed

In care with a licensed veterinarian and you the Owner / Purchaser will be notified as well as liable

For any and all financial responsibility in which your pet incurred.

Name: _____________________________________ Phone: (         ) _________________________

                    First and Last Name Please                                                  include country code if any

Address: ______________________________State:______________ Zip: ______________


Pet needing kenneling: ________________________ / ________ / ________________________

                                           Name of Pet                               Age                            Breed

Pet needing kenneling: ________________________ / ________ / ________________________

                                           Name of Pet                               Age                            Breed

Pet needing kenneling: ________________________ / ________ / ________________________

                                           Name of Pet                               Age                            Breed



3 contact persons are required for getting in touch with you if you are unavailable to be reached all numbers as well as address provided must be valid or will result in termination of kenneling services without notice.


#1First Name ____________________ Last Name: ___________________

Phone#___________________________ Physical address: __________________________________



#2 First Name ____________________ Last Name: ___________________

Phone#___________________________ Physical address: __________________________________



#3 First Name ____________________ Last Name: ___________________

Phone#___________________________ Physical address: __________________________________



Please provide a back up contact person to pick up your pet if the need ever arise (ID is required for pick up)

My pet can leave with the following individual: __________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________ Address: ____________________________

State: _____________ Zip: _________

Signature of pet owner / Purchaser: ______________________________Date:___________2010

                                                          Kenneling Application Part 2

When will your pet need care? __________                  __________

                                        Start Date         Ending Date please include year


For what reason does your pet require care? ____________________________________________


Please add additional information on a separate piece of paper if needed.


If your pet requires a quarantine period are you aware of the entire requirement needing to be met before

Transporting your pet to your country / state?      Yes     /     No 



What are the requirements? ____________________________________________________________







Please remember you the Owner are 100% financially responsible for

meeting each requirement in order for your pet to be shipped in time and we will not suffer any out of pocket expense

on your behalf, All monies needing to be paid in meeting such requirements is due up front (no exceptions)

As a courtesy we may adjust the rates for extended kenneling purposes

For International buyers.

Care Rates are as follows:

Dailey rate is: $35        Weekly rate is $150        Monthly rate $500    (This includes partial Vet care if needed)

                             $50 discount                  $100 discount

Owners are advised to acquire sufficient pet health coverage if deciding to leave there pet in any kenneling program

Facility, under the circumstances incidents minor to severe or even death do happen in any board and care program

Regardless if every precaution imaginable by the facilitator has been taken into providing your pet with the most

Excellent supervision and care with that said you the Owner / Purchaser by signing below you agree to the full conditions of service in this contract Part #1 - #4 and release VBSB, and employees of any and all liability.




____________________________________       ___________________________________

          (Owner or agent signature)                              (Printed name of owner on file)




                                             Kenneling Application / Contract Part 3                                                     

                                                              Assumption of risks

As a pet owner leaving my pet at Victoria’s Blue Secret Bulldogges (known from here as “VBSB”), I

Understand that there are certain risks of injury or illness that are out of the control of the staff of the


Pets, by their very nature, are often times nervous, hyper excitable, and don’t always use good

Judgment. Hence they sometimes injure themselves while playing with other pets or over-reacting to

being enclosed. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

- play injuries, including ruptured ligaments, broken teeth and torn nails, lacerations, damaged

intervertebral discs, and scratched eyes, as well as countless other types of injuries.

- over-reaction injuries, including torn nails, bitten lips and tongues, and broken teeth and/or nails.

These injuries can occur while trying to escape an enclosure.

- fighting injuries. Many times a group of pets can be playing peacefully and, literally, within half a

Second, be fighting and biting. I understand that this behavior happens too quickly for

the staff to prevent.

I will not hold VBSB responsible for injuries attained while in the care of VBSB unless specifically

Caused by a staff member (e.g. closing a door on a tail). _______

Pets also, by their very nature, are not as concerned with cleanliness as humans. For example,

They defecate and urinate on the ground. Although the staff of VBSB picks up waste as quickly as

Possible, sometimes pets race over to sniff it and sometimes touch their nose to and (rarely) consume

it. They also lick each others mouths and anal areas and chew on toys that other pets have been

chewing on. I understand that some diseases are airborne and do not require direct contact with other

pets and that infectious pets are often not obviously infectious. I understand that my pet is in a social

situation much like a human day care and that infectious problems are impossible to eliminate.

I will not hold VBSB responsible for any infectious disease my pet might pick up while in the

care of VBSB. ________

Pets are not as concerned with what they put in their mouths as humans are and they can

swallow something in less than a second. I understand that my pet might ingest something they are

not supposed to while in the care of VBSB. Some examples include, but are not limited to, objects

left by me, toys provided by VBSB, objects brought in by other clients, or food that was not designated

for my pet.

I will not hold VBSB responsible for any problems associated with anything ingested while in the

Care of VBSB. ________

I am the owner of the pet(s), or agent for the owner of the pet(s) being left in the care of VBSB

and I agree with the statements above. If I am an agent for the owner of the pet(s) being left, I will

Inform the owner of the above agreement.

 ____________________________________       ___________________________________

          (Owner or agent signature)                              (Printed name of owner on file)









          Application / Contract Part 4


 Depending upon breed and size, your pet will be free fed unless other wise specified this simply means your pets

Food bowl will always be filled with either raw food or another low to no corn and wheat based food.

Food bowls are removed and sanitized daily all toys will remain with your pet through out there entire

Stay we are not responsible for lost or damaged toys, leashes etc. Your pet will be automatically

de wormed unless you can provide us with de worming verification by a licensed Veterinarian

Your pet will need to be current on all vaccinations we can provide most but not all for a

Small fee. For Animals that are being boarded for inseminations or breeding you will be responsible

For up front stud fees and expenses the minute your female come into season this includes

Vitamins, A.I tools and services, Hormonal testing etc….

Kennels will be washed and sanitized 2 time a day and will be sprayed for pest or insects once a month

We do not have fleas on our property nor in our kennels because I personally are allergic so it is the owners

Responsibility to have there pet de flea before there animal is boarded in our facility or for an additional fee

We can have our personal groomer de flea your pet. All of our kenneled friends have pools inside of there kennels and are shaded in the summer and are well insulated in the winter we also provide hot meals when it is cold

And plenty of pool splashes in the summer yep that’s right I like jumping in my dog’s pool and splashing them

With water. Your pet will be walked 3 times a week unless deemed aggressive and therefore will be kenneled for the rest of there stay. The dogs will all play together and be social able we do not allow anti social dogs to play with sociable dogs each dog will be categorized when they arrive they will receive a tempermance test and be noted on there kennels there rating for the protection of there care providers.





I understand how the care of my dog will be provided and fully agree to the terms and conditions of care

And have placed my signature below.


Owner: __________________________ Signature: _________________________Date:_________


                    Kenneling Application / Contract Part 5

                         Off sets and re imbursement credits

                Please fill this portion out if you have a credit with VBSB.



Full Name: ______________________________ Amount of credit entitled $_________


Why was the credit given? _________________________________________________




Requesting Kenneling Service on a purchased pet.

Are you requesting kenneling?   Yes    No

If yes how long? From ___________ to _____________


Please note if you have purchased your pet recently through us then we will hold

Your pet at no charge for up to 1 week only. After one week you are financially responsible

For your pets kennel services.


Does your pet currently have medical coverage: Yes    No  

If yes: Medical Identification#_________________ Name of Insurance: ____________________________



Does your pet currently have Life Insurance: Yes    No  

If yes: Police#_________________ Name of Insurance: ____________________________



I the buyer / owner agree to the above Kenneling Contract terms noted in part 1-5

Buyer / Owner Signature: __________________________________ Date: ________ 20______




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