Meet Our Foundation / Generational Male
                     Victoria's Blue Brahama - Sire: Hal Waltz Pugzi Breeder: David Levitz
                                                              Dam: Victoria's Sweet JLO
                                                  Brahama is currently 10 years young.
                                                  Semen was collected and frozen for 3 yrs 
                                                  between the age of 1 1/2yrs - 4yrs old.


This is Victoria's Blue Jugger Naught
Born: May 20,2010
Breeder: Victoria's Blue Secret.
Color:  Victoria's Lilac Blue Berry Tri.
Victoria's Rain Bow: Blue,Black,Lilac,Berry / Purple, and Platinum.

Sire is : Phxs Blue Phxs                       Dam is : Victoria's Blue Diamond
Phxs Blue Phxs is currently retired as of 2011.
Below is his Sire and Dam   
Famous Moody Blue and Victoria's Blue Famous Cali
Victoria's Blue Famous Cali's Sire: Is Victoria's Blue Brahama


Here are a few of Victoria's Blue Secret Bulldogs Female.

Tripple K Blue Jazz     Introducing: Jazz's Daughter
Color: Blue Brindle      Color:Blue Victoria's Famous Cali

Sire:Triple K Rascal              Sire: Victoria's Blue Brahama
Dam: Triple K Millie             Dam: Triple K / Victoria's Blue Jazz
**********************    **********************************
Victoria's Blue Mstique -
Sire: Phxs Blue Phxs  
Dam: Victoria's Blue Diamond
Victoria's Blue Bling

Sire:Victoria's Blue Ace
Ace is a Beautiful Lilac Tri.
Victoria's Blue Ace is the Son Of: Victoria's Blue Brahama And Victoria's Blue Diva.
Ace was sent to Prety Bulldogs under a strict contract. Once I learned (Click Link)
Jeanette Larocca also known as Jeanette Bergman : breach our contract. And thanks to our Bulldogger friends we latter found out that this same woman was found Guilty in a court of law for 230 counts of live Animal Cruelty and 15 dead animals just flung in a pile on her preoperty. I demanded for the immediate return of  Victoria's Blue Ace back. And she refused. I have contacted PET-ABUSE and The Law
. REWARD IF RETURNED $5,000 (No questions ask)
I will be positng Jeanette Bergmans Physical address if my dog is not returned by next month 3/2013
This woman has the nerve to list my
Bulldog under the Alias Name:Tom Hanks.


Dam:Victoria's Blue Mystique






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