All $500 Deposits are Non-Refundable no exceptions.

 All puppies must be paid in full on or before the puppy turns 6 weeks
Puppies will be released around 8 - 12 weeks at our descretion all families will be notified.
Once you are notified your puppy is now released to come home the new owners
is responsible to confirm if there are weather restrictions in there own city.
It is also the new owners responsibility to have a Kenneling Application filled out and pre - approved on file if there
puppy will need to stay a bit longer due to weather, financial or other personal reason.

Advance notice Kenneling services are $10.00 a day
No Kenneling Application on file in advance is $17.00 a day
If your puppy is Kenneled due to full payment not yet received 
your puppy will not be released until fees are paid in full.

Buyers can however arrange an independent ground pet transporter to
transport there pup from our door to yours this cost is the responsibility
of the buyer and we are not responsible for the care of your puppy after your puppy has left our property in a healthy state.
We can choose a ground shipper for you just let us know
but can not nor will not guarantee there creditials therefore buyer use at your discretion and your signature in advance releases us from all risk and liability.

Buyer please be aware that all applications must
be submitted with a deposit of no less then $500
unless otherwise specified by me the breeder to RESERVE your pup.


Victoria's Blue Secret Bulldogs
Puppy Application Form

please read carefully, sign an date and return a copy to the
below mailing address

Name of potential buyer : ________________________________________________________
Please print first and last name

If buyer is Married Name of spouse: _______________________________________________
Please print first and last name

Address: _____________________________City:__________________State:__________

Zip:__________________ Phone Number ( ) _________________________

Message / cell Phone: ( ) _______________________________


Are you purchasing this bulldog for someone else ?____________________________


Will this bulldog be living on your property?____________________________________________

Do you have any children ? ______________ If yes how many ? _________

How does your children fill about owning a Bulldogge ? _______________________



Are you Married / Have a significant other ? ________ If yes then how do they

fill about you purchasing an Olde English Bulldogge ? ______________________


Have you ever owned a pet or currently own a pet ? __________

If yes then what type of pet do you currently own be honest : ___________


If you own a dog then how is your current pet around other dogs ?



Do you have any experience around Olde English Bulldogges ? ________ If yes
please explain :



Are you a Breeder ? ________ If yes

what do you breed ? _______________________________________

Are you going to become a breeder with this puppy if your application is
accepted to become a buyer for an Olde English Bulldogge Puppy

This is a very important question :

If you are the owner of a dog and your current pet does not get along well
with your new Olde Bulldogge puppy in so much as he / she literally lounges
out to bite your new puppy what will you do in order to ensure the safety of
your new Olde Bulldogge puppy please be honest :


Are you in good standings with Animal Control in your area ? _________

If No please explain :___________________________________________


use additional paper in you half to.

Do you plan on registering your puppy with Animal Control in your area ?


Do you plan on taking your puppy to regular check up visits at your
Veterinarian clinic ? _____________

Please include 3 personal references such as friends or relatives and 2 Veterinarian clinics
of your choice that you will be using to provide your new puppy
with proper health care check ups and to keep your new
pet current on his or her vaccinations.



Buyers all $500 deposits are non- refundable and but transferable
to any other service other then receiving another puppy of
same quality and value from the same parents or different
at my discretion only.


Third Party Buyers or Purchasing under False Pretence is
Any Buyer purchasing a puppy for someone else other then themselves
and failing to make it known to the Seller that the puppy is intended for
someone else and not the original Buyer Written / Signed on the
puppy Application or Buyers Contract.

Applicant / Buyer is aware that any false information will result
in a return request from seller of the puppy purchased under false pretence
and all monies paid by the Buyer agreed by the buyer forfeited
and legal action immediately taken against said buyer if he/she refuses
to return the pup in good health as given and safely returned to
the Seller ( Victoria Faciane / Sills ) without harm. At the buyers expense
I buyer agree to the terms of this application and have placed my signature below :

Buyers Signature : ________________________________________Date: _______________

I have read the Disclaimer and Agree to it.

Buyer please print Name: __________________________________

Buyer Please sign: _______________________________________Date:___________

Forms Of Payment Accepted Are:

Money Order, Money Graham,
Western Union,Postal Money Order, Bank of America,
or Chase Bank 
(We now except credit cards )

Please complete the
Buyers Contract, Puppy Application, and Disclaimer,

All Puppies will be shipped to there new homes when the weather permits. 
Door to Door Ground shipping is available for an additional $350 if payment does not include shipping.

Email or take a photo of your completed application and send it to us.

Make Payment to:Victoria Sills
Mail your Application to:
Victoria Sills
P.O BOX 2918
Victorville,California 92393

If you have any questions please call:
1-760 - 524 - 8974

All $500 Deposits are Non-Refundable no exceptions.


           Buyers Contract
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