Due to all the Love I've received from word of mouth and happy families all over the world all of our babies are pre- Reserved before we even get a chance to List the Paired Breeding update. I am very happy that my puppies have been placed with some of the most amazing families and un like most we do not exploit our families privacy nor build ourselves on there success. I have received many emails from other families who would also like to be considered when it comes to placing one of our beautiful rare babies into there homes. And for that I can only say this:

We take time to screen every home, Every application and each puppy must be perfectly matched. We do take into consideration if you have other animals and the amount of animals you might have. Please keep in mind that if we make a decision to return your application please understand that this is not a business to us nor does waving $6000 + dollar gives anyone the right to own one of my puppies this is 100% personal to me. I love my puppies and want the best for them. We refuse to sale over priced English Bulldog puppies with less then 35% Oxygen saturation levels like the masses of unethical dog breeders out there do. Because we actually care about our puppies. Our Bulldogs have the highest Oxygen saturation level for a Bulldog out there and this is why they are so high in demand.

For more information please feel free to email me. 


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