Unethical Breeders

Saints and Sinners Bulldogs - Owner: Virginia Maza (The Colony TX)
Stoled My Bulldog Victoria's Blue Judge Kirko Bangz after we requested his immediate return upon being  notified by a friend of hers and the IOEBA that Saints and Sinners owned and operated by Gina Maza  submitted forged papers to single register Victorias Blue Judge Kirko Bangz as her own. Kirko has been studded without my permission. The IOEBA being notified by my Attorney immediately cancelled Saints and Sinners fake papers on 5 Bulldogs she claimed hers including one female Sired by Kirko name REMY the IOEBA due to Saints and Sinners deception has refused to register any puppies related to Victoria's Blue Judge Kirko Bangz without my permission until the dog is returned to us. Thank you Jr. the owner of the IOEBA. I am also having my Lawyer draw up a copy of the letter from the IOEBA along with the notarized agreement of Saints and Sinners agreeing that she would never try to obtain ownership of my bulldog if I trusted her and sent him out there to be handled by her in the show rings and will be FAXING this document to all registries known.
Confederate Bulldogs - Owner: Wesly Rogers (The Colony TX) Saints and Sinners accomplice.
 This Kennel referred Saints and Sinners and staked his reputation on her credibility. I should have checked his credentials instead. 

Anyone willing and able to recover this Bulldog or have recovered this Bulldog within the 2013 year
will be rewarded and a no questions ask return will be implemented.
Status: Lawsuit  ( Pending )

Current Address: 4832 GARVIN DRIVE
                             The Colony, TX 75056

Pretty Bulldogs - Owner: XXXXXX Larocca


    This unethical breeder Killed Victoria's Blue Bling.
To cheap to take her to the Vet when she got into something and ate it on his property. I gave him her as a gift and as a sign that I trusted him even with my best bulldog as she was. And 6 days latter he call me and tell me she is sick I immediately told him TAKE HER TO THE VET .... and that I would give the Vet my VISA over the phone and pay for any and all cost since he was broke. He then told me that he would and on the 10th day which happened to be my birthday he calls me and tells me he saw branches hanging out of her rectum and pulled them out and she immediately DIED. I was pissed. I said what did the Vet say ? Delvin Webb tells me he never took her to the Vet and whats worse when I requested the body he said he already threw her in the dumpster.I WAS LIKE WTF ???  I immediately request the return of my other Bulldogs I gave this horrible breeder and he refused to return Melow originally named Victoria's Blue Striker back home. Next thing I know this mans Bed buddy post on face book that I sold him a sick dog.
Of course know one believed it because they knew since he could not produce his own line of healthy dogs he grabbed a male and a female from mine. The Bulldog known as Dough Boy he owns was bred to Victoria's Blue Famous Cali the mother of : Champion Phoenix Blue Steel Now owned by the owner of the IOEBA Will Pier. She had puppies by TUSCON BULLDOGS DOUGH BOY and most of the pups were born with severe deformities and when I told Delvin Web he didn't care because he was being notified by other families who purchased puppies out of Dough Boy from a totally different female or studing and those pups as well had been born with sever DEFORMATIES and the ones that lived now adults all had to be put down due to internal deformities. I knew in my head I never should have taken Cali to this inferior male hell she out weighed DOUGHBOY by a good 68lbs and towered over him like he was her lunch I will be posting the photos my son took while he sat in the car staring in shock at my decision to breed Cali to this dog in 2013. I had only saw photos of this dog never in person dam you photo shop because I didn't want to hurt Delvins feeling and tell him his dog looked like a piece of shit I went ahead with the breeding.The poor little dog was in horrible condition. His fur was filthy and he was tiny about 38lbs is all the little guy weighs.  Stay clear from this very unethical breeder I do still have photos and videos of the littler of deformed puppies. I will never do business with him nor his twisted Bed Buddy ever again. 


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